Photo Gallery | Bangor Public Health Unveils New Brand & Website Launches Campaign to Promote Healthy Living


Bangor Public Health and Community Services, previously known as Bangor Health and Community Services, unveiled today their new brand and website, and launched a regional campaign to promote healthy living and substance abuse prevention in the Greater Bangor community.

Bangor Public Health and Community Services has been a fixture in the community for decades; many residents in the region are acquainted with or use a variety of their services including immunizations and travel medicine, WIC, public health nursing, nutrition education, housing, and chronic disease prevention. The rebrand of the Department aims to clearly communicate its mission to provide services and education to the community to help families make healthy choices and raise healthy children.

The “A Healthy Bangor Starts With You” campaign features Paul Bunyan, a well-known landmark in the Bangor area, as its ‘spokesperson’ who ‘shares’ encouraging messages to both youth and adults to take on healthy behavior.

“We are thrilled and excited to kick off this campaign,” said Patty Hamilton, Interim Director of Bangor Public Health and Community Services. “Our services are more accessible to the public via our website makeover, and we now have a fun and creative vehicle for getting critical public health messages to the public.”   

“The Paul Bunyan approach allows for a lot of versatility and room to grow,” said Jamie Comstock, Health Promotion Manager. “The lighthearted feel that Paul brings to the campaign can be balanced by some more serious messaging that will positively impact the health of the region.”

The campaign has a two-pronged approach: a quite humorous Paul Bunyan inviting the community to exercise and make healthy choices on a small budget; as well as a more serious Paul, who approaches subjects like binge drinking, tobacco, prescription drugs, and abuse of other substances.  These messages will be spread throughout the Bangor Public School System, posted on public buildings and public transportation buses, at events with a ‘live’ Paul Bunyan, and via the Internet.  The public is encouraged to share these messages to help Bangor Public Health and Community Services reach as many residents as possible.

Anyone interested in learning more about the “A Healthy Bangor Starts With You” campaign, or any of the other services and information provided by Bangor Public Health and Community Services, should visit .

The mission of Bangor Health and Community Services is to provide for the public health and welfare of the citizens of Bangor in an atmosphere that recognizes and encourages self-respect and self-reliance.  Regional programs extend these values and services to a population beyond the City of Bangor. For more information, visit