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Machias Savings Bank Funds Missions at Challenger Learning Center of Maine

Machias Savings Bank recently awarded $5,000 to the Challenger Learning Center of Maine to provide Washington County students with the opportunity to fly space science missions at the Challenger Center.

"Because of Machias Savings Bank's continuing dedication to the Challenger program, thousands of students have now had the opportunity to become inspired to pursue higher levels of science and math education. We appreciate their investment in the future by making this possible for so many of Maine's students," stated Susan Jonason, Executive Director.

Since 2004, whether taking a rocket to the moon, encountering a comet or using the space station to conduct earth science experiments, the hands-on experience that the simulated space missions at Challenger Learning Center of Maine provides, has proved to be a great benefit to students, and a powerful teaching tool. And while Challenger is uniquely able to showcase the uses of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for rewarding careers, students also come away with a keen appreciation of teamwork and cooperation.

About the Challenger Learning Center of Maine

The Challenger Learning Center of Maine is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides challenging, interdisciplinary, relevant educational experience for the children of Maine, in order to raise student aspirations, to improve educational achievement in mathematics and the science arts, and to inspire interest in science and technology careers.

Challenger Center and its network of Challenger Learning Centers were founded in April 1986 by the families of the Challenger Space Shuttle Crew.Their diversity, determination, and spirit are reflected in Challenger's mandate to continue the educational mission of Flight 5l-L. 

The internationally acclaimed Challenger Learning Center Network comprises 44 innovative educational simulators located across North America.  Staffed by certified teachers, the core of each Center is a two-room simulator that consists of a space lab, complete with communications, medical, life, and computer science equipment, and a mission control room patterned after NASA's Johnson Space Center. At the Challenger Learning Center of Maine, students see themselves in successful roles as scientists, engineers and researchers.