Photo Gallery | Bangor Public Library theft

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Bangor Police Department received a report of a theft on February 26, that occurred at the Bangor Public Library.

The owner of Maritime International, Paul Zebiak, reported to the police that a male subject had come into his store trying to sell a large number of Civil War photographs, and World War II memorabilia. Zebiak thought the situation to be suspicious and refused to buy the items, telling the man he had to have picture identification from him before he would make a purchase.

Knowing that the Bangor Public Library has a collection of similar war memorabilia, Zebiak contacted them after the man left his store. Staff at the library checked the archives, and confirmed they were in fact missing a large amount of items from their collection. They estimated the value of the missing items at approximately $31,000.

On Feb. 27 a female subject came into Maritime International with the stolen items and again tried to sell them. Zebiak called the Bangor Police and stalled the female until our officers could arrive. Detective Tim Cotton responded to the store, and interviewed the female.

As a result of his investigation, Bangor Police Det. Cotton was able to recover all of the stolen items from the suspect, who has been identified as Russell Graves, a 27-year-old from Bangor. At the time of the theft, Graves had been working in the library as a volunteer.

Russell Graves has been arrested and charged with felony theft and violation of conditions of release.