What You Need to Know About Hypothermia and the Elderly

What You Need to Know About Hypothermia and the Elderly


Shivering is one of those amazing things our bodies do to keep us operating at top speed. It's as if we had an internal thermostat. Too hot, we sweat in order to cool off. Too cold, we shiver to stay warm.

But did you know that as we age the thermostat doesn't always work the way it should? Not good, especially in the kind of weather we've been experiencing lately, and one of the reasons why elderly people are at increased risk of developing hypothermia.

Closings and cancellations



Given that fall foliage is making its way to the ground and heavy rain is approaching, the City of Bangor today issued a call to residents to assist in keeping storm drains clear.

If residents are willing and able, a few minutes to clear a storm drain near their home or business can help the City tremendously in keeping the over 3,000 storm drains clean. Drains that are clogged with leaves and debris cause significant issues such as standing water in roadways when heavy rains fall, as are expected next week.

“Folks that are out raking this weekend could help the City a great deal by just clearing the leaves out of a catch basin. Public Works crews will be out on Monday cleaning basins in anticipation of the storm, but this helping hand from the public can make a big difference,” said Bangor Public Works Director Dana Wardwell.

October is Car Care Month: Let AAA Help You Get Ready for Winter!

Free AAA Car Care Clinics coming to a location near you

During October Car Care Month AAA Northern New England will be hosting free car care clinics open to the general public. AAA automotive professionals will be touring the State of Maine during the month of October performing pre-winter vehicle check-ups (including checking tires, fluid levels, windshield wipers, battery, charging system, brakes, lights, belts, and hoses).
Too often vehicle maintenance falls through the cracks of daily and monthly routines.   “Properly preparing your vehicle for upcoming winter weather is essential for safe driving and will greatly decrease the chances of your vehicle leaving you stranded in the cold,” said Tom Giasson, AAA Approved Auto Repair and Auto Buying Services.