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America's Favorite LivingSocial Deals
America's Favorite LivingSocial Deals

Have you ever wondered if anyone actually purchased that LivingSocial deal for botox or pole dancing that you remember reading in bed while you were checking your emails before you got in the shower? They had 24 hours to make the choice and according to this week's release by Living Social of their 2nd Quarter report [April - June], it is certain that these deals were and are being scooped up by the thousands! I am a huge fan of a great deal as most of you already know and think that paying retail for anything, especially for food, fitness & entertainment is completely unnecessary.

I found the 2nd Quarter information quite interesting because it’s interesting to see what deals Americans’ are obsessed with, as well as the trends in the marketplace. LivingSocial categorizes their deals/vouchers by 4 categories; Beauty, Food/Dining Out, Fitness & Entertainment.

Here are some things that stuck out to me & you may agree… We are a bunch of weirdos & it’s awesome! To continue reading this article, please visit Stiffler's Social Scoop...