Find a Kindred Spirit…Adopt a Shelter Cat!
(BANGOR, June 1, 2011) Every summer The Bangor Humane Society and animal rescues everywhere are filled to the brim with felines, especially kittens, seeking their forever homes.  But the presence of kittens often means that the amazing adults stay in our shelters for much longer than they…or BHS…would like!
Currently, the Bangor Humane Society is filled with wacky kittens, adventuresome adolescents, captivating young adults, and mature comfort-seekers…cats of all ages and personality types await the purr-fect match-up. Such diversity could be overwhelming if it weren't for the skilled adoption counselors on hand to help visitors discover their kindred spirits in feline form.
So, the Bangor Humane Society joins the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in declaring June Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month.

Hot Dogs Need Help to Stay Cool

Hot Dogs Need Help to Stay Cool

As temperatures continue (we hope) to rise here in Maine, consider your dog’s comfort and health in the summer heat.  Dogs’ systems are less efficient than humans at cooling, leaving them susceptible to overheating.  They have limited sweat glands in their noses and paw pads, and need our help in shaping their environment for comfort and safety.  Here are some tips to help with this:

Exercise your dog in the early a.m. or early p.m., avoiding the hottest hours of the day.  Sidewalks can heat up in the hot sun and be painful for paws, as can the sand on a hot beach.  

Provide shade in your yard if your dog is outside on hot days.  A strategically-placed umbrella or awning may be necessary if you don’t have shade trees to lie under.

Be sure water bowls are filled with cold water, as the day’s heat will quickly make the water warm up.  Clean bowls and change water frequently, adding a few ice cubes.

A brave Washington County cat with an extraordinary will to live needs a little help

 A brave Washington County cat with an extraordinary will to live needs a little help

A brave Washington County cat has an extraordinary will to live. 

In March, the home in which the cat lived was destroyed by fire. To save itself, he was forced to jump from an upper story window, which resulted in its breaking 2 legs and the pelvis.  Remarkably,  the cat then dragged itself into a nearby barn where it suffered alone with no food or water for the next three weeks while its owner was hospitalized with third degree burns.

Dr. Lydia Pryor’s BayView Animal Hospital in East Machias examined this cat for the first time on April 6th when his owner brought him to their offices for vet care.

FREE SEMINAR at Green Acres Kennel Shop March 19th

Green Acres Kennel Shop will host a free seminar entitled A Pet Parents Perspective on Holistic and Complementary Healthcare on Saturday, March 19th at 10AM.

Today pet parents have a wealth of healthcare options for their pets that go well beyond traditional veterinary medicine. Green Acres co-owner Don Hanson will examine the typical holistic recommendations on nutrition and vaccinations. He will also discuss various complementary modalities of treatment (chiropractic care, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, herbs, homeopathy and Bach flower remedies). Don will discuss his experience with each of these modalities with his personal pets.

Seating for this seminar is limited, so call 945-6841 to reserve your spot today.

Pet ID Clinic

Nothing breaks a pet owner’s heart like losing their best friend.  To help ensure your pet’s safe return in the event of the unexpected, visit the Bangor Humane Society this Saturday, November 13th, to take advantage of our special, one-day pet ID clinic. 

On Saturday from 12 noon to 5 P.M.

Jewelry Party Fundraiser to benefit the Bangor Humane Society

Amanda Coburn of Riverside Jewelry Designs and Anne Reigstad of Ymir Glass Design are hosting a Jewelry Party Fundraiser to benefit the Bangor Humane Society on Friday, October 22nd from 6-8pm. The fundraiser will be held at the Jewelry Artisans of Maine Cooperative Store, 586C Main Road North in Hampden. The store will donate 20% of all sales to the Bangor Humane Society that evening.

The Jewelry Artisans of Maine Coop Store features handcrafted, unique jewelry; it is owned and run by four female local artisans and has nine local consignors as well. The selection of jewelry includes dichroic glass, copper and silver metalsmithed pieces, beading, water casting, local stones and gemstones set in silver, etched copper, and lots more.

Coburn says, "In tough economic times, non-profits such as the Bangor Humane Society are overlooked and suffer financially. I have dogs and cats, and one of each came from the Humane Society.