“Biggest Mover” Challenge at Bangor YMCA

BANGOR, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- The Bangor YMCA is offering two programs this fall, in an effort to motivate people to get back on track at the gym.

The "Biggest Mover Goes to Camp" program is at Branch Lake in Ellsworth. It's a 4-day camping adventure at Camp Jordan with a focus on finding a healthy balance in life. There will be certified personal trainers and nutritionists there to assist in providing information on healthy habits. Some of the activities will include hiking, yoga and canoeing along with rest and recovery events. All your meals are included in this camping adventure and will be prepared by a nutritionist. This 4-day event is from Sunday, September 27th to Thursday, October 1st.

American Folk Festival features Maine-based ice cream

MONROE, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The American Folk Festival kicks off in Bangor on Friday and will feature 31 food vendors, many of which are based locally in Maine.

One vendor is Stone Fox Farm Creamery based out of Monroe. Owners Bruce and Kathy Chamberlain started the ice creamery in 2009 as a post retirement project. The couple made ice cream in their garage and sold at farmers markets, they said they never expected that six years later, they'd employ four people, grow 25% each year, and have their 35 flavors of ice cream sold in about 70 stores statewide. 

Bruce and Kathy said they love what they do, and Bruce added that his favorite part of the business and watching people enjoy their ice cream.

Maine Musicians showcase Saturday

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If you're looking for another fun event on Saturday, look no further than the Maine Musicians Showcase, taking place just down the road in Pickering Square. The free event is open to the public. It will be featuring 10 bands and soloists who will be performing original music live.

This all music event will feature all types of genres, from Country to rock, Funk, to R&B. There will also be appearances by Thomas School of Dance, and the Bangor Roller Derby. The event is put on by listen local Maine and is being sponsored by 16 local businesses.

Woman indicted for Bangor Mall stabbings

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The woman accused of stabbing two people in the Bangor Mall has been indicted.

A grand jury brought two counts of aggravated assault against Elizabeth Ellis. 

Ellis turned herself in to the Farmington Police Department in the afternoon after the stabbings and allegedly confessed to the crimes.


Retrial for Prentiss Township man accused of torching state fire marshal car

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The retrial of a Prentiss Township man accused of torching a state fire marshal's car continued Wednesday in a Bangor courtroom. John Weckerly, 56, is accused of setting the car on fire when fire marshals were investigating a string of arson and graffiti taggings near his isolated cabin. 

This retrial is happening more than two years after a jury deadlocked on whether Weckerly was guilty of arson. 

Weckerly was indicted by a grand jury on a dozen charges, including four counts of arson and five counts of criminal mischief. The jury found him not guilty on 11 of the charges, but could not determine one count of arson. 

Grand opening of Bat Condos in Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On Tuesday, the grand opening for two bat condominiums on the lands of the West Penjajawoc Grasslands in Bangor took place.

The condos will provide shelter for thousands of bats, which have been having a tough time due to habitat loss, wind farms and white nose syndrome which has killed more than five million bats since 2006 and spread to Maine in 2011.

Each condo can accommodate around 2,000 young bats, with optimal living conditions for maternity colonies. They'll most likely attract Big brown bats or little Brown Bats.

Man who murdered wife Christmas day sentenced to 47 years in prison


BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A judge has sentenced Christopher Saenz, the man found guilty of murdering his wife, Hilary Saenz back on Christmas day 2013 to 47 years in prison.