New drug hitting the streets of Bangor | News

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New drug hitting the streets of Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A new trend is making its way to Bangor.

They're called "bath salts" -- but they're not the kind you'd find in you're local supermarkets -- they're dangerous drugs found on the internet. One form of "bath salts" are referred to as "monkey dust."

Doctors say the drugs can pose serious health risks like kidney failure, organ damage and heart attacks.

Eastern Maine Medical Center Emergency Room doctor Andrew Ehrhard says the drugs are relatively new to the area, but now he's seeing as many as one person a week come into the E.R. on the drugs.

"Sometimes they are so psychotic they'll think they're on fire or throw things out the window or think people are trying to hurt them," said Dr. Ehrhard. "They're seeing things or hearing things. Sometimes they just have a really high blood pressure or a really fast heart rate."

Although the drugs aren't illegal just yet, the Maine Legislature is working to change that with LD 1562. The bill would prohibit the sale or possession of the drugs -- and those caught would face felony charges.

The bill will be reviewed by the Appropriations Committee Thursday.