National tour looks to inspire women | News

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National tour looks to inspire women

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- A tour focused on empowering women in the U.S. kicked off in the Queen City Thursday evening.

The 'Identity 5' workshop looks to instill confidence in women by promoting self acceptance. It was put together by Susan Vernicek who founded the online women's magazine 'Identity.'

She says women's portrayal in the mainstream media can cause many females to reach for unattainable standards. Through discussion and reflection she is hoping to help women achieve in life through recognizing both their strengths and flaws.

"They share their stories to help other women just accept who they are, appreciate who they are and be able to achieve on a much greater level once they do that," Vernicek said, "It's not's just owning what you've got going on and then appreciating so you can achieve and move forward."

The tour will be stopping in 48 states over the course of 2012. Some of the proceeds raised from it will go to support the B.I.G. Scholarship Fund for female high school entrepreneurs.