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Community reflects on local philanthropist's life

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A well-known businessman and philanthropist died over the weekend. Harold Bouchard of H.O. Bouchard Inc. passed away Friday night. His can-do attitude and dedication to helping the community has left family and friends hoping to honor his legacy.

Harold's grandson Jeff Bouchard said, "He's the type of guy that never took no for an answer. If there was a way to overcome it and kind of get through it he would find a way to do that."

His grandson works for the company his grandfather built and said his caring attitude was the secret to his success.

Jeff said, "He always wanted to help people. It was number one on his list to let people smile and leave his mark on anyone that he could."

Harold Bouchard, however, did not want people to know his own struggles. The philanthropist battled cancer for nearly two decades. "He never wanted to let people see him struggle or go through a hard time," said Bouchard.

He was able to turn his struggle into a way to help others battling the disease. Bouchard dedicated his time and money to cancer research and the EMCC's Lafayette Family Cancer Center. His lifelong journey to help others will continue for many years as patients find comfort in the Harold O. Bouchard Family Living Room.

Michael Crowley with EMHS Foundation knows the hardwork of Bouchard put into the center, "There will be tens of thousands of Mainers in Eastern, Northern, and Central Maine who will receive care at EMMC Research Center. They are receiving that care, in that facility with the all the latest technology, with research and all the innovation that's built in. Harold Bouchard was a huge part of that."

The Bouchard family name is etched in the wall as a reminder for the selfless work he did and the legacy he leaves behind.

"I'm honored to know that he was my grandfather and I'll always have a spot in my heart for him. There was a little plaque that he had on his desk that had a little phrase 'it can be done.' I have that sitting on my desk now. I'll for sure always have that with me."

A memorial mass will be held Saturday, March 2nd, at 11:00AM at St. John's Catholic Church in Bangor.