Government cuts could affect BIA and travelers | News

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Government cuts could affect BIA and travelers

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Those looming federal spending cuts could affect Bangor International Airport and 22 FAA employees that staff the air traffic control tower.

Bangor International Airport Director Tony Caruso says what happens in Washington over the next few days will be critical for the Bangor airport and its travelers. B-I-A'S tower is on Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's list of F-A-A towers that could see a reduction of hours. It's even possible that the tower could be unmanned during overnight hours.

But Caruso says if that happens, BIA can handle it. He says,"pilots are trained in that type of environment to operate where there are control towers and where they are not. Boston Center, in this area, will still control aircraft through radar in our airspace. So we assure people we will remain open during those hours. Unfortunately we just don't have tower control. "

Caruso says the Portland Jetport's tower is closed from midnight to 5:45 AM everyday. But he does admit the cuts will have an impact on them so they are hoping for the best but have to plan for the worst.