Damages low following night of high winds in Eastern Maine | News

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Damages low following night of high winds in Eastern Maine

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Despite high winds that battered Eastern Maine Sunday night, several areas escaped with little damage.

Winds gusted up to 50 miles-per-hour around Bangor. They were strong enough to blow the sign outside the Wendy's on Union Street clean off of its stand. Crews were busy picking up the pieces of that sign on Monday morning.

Officials with Bangor Hydro say while the winds were strong few of their customers lost power on Sunday night. They say the snow from Sunday's storm was light enough to not weigh power lines down and keep the trees off of them.

"And in winter months of course we don't have leaves on trees...which helps quite a lot," said Bob Potts, who is a communication specialist with Bangor Hydro, "In the summer when we have big wind storms come up and we have desiduous trees with leaves and things like that then that can impact how those trees come in contact with things like power lines and things of that nature."

Officials with Bangor Hydro say as of Monday afternoon the number of power outages jumped back up to 519. That was due to the high winds that continued throughout much of the day.


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