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Darling's sponsors new stage being built for summer concerts

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Two acts have already been named for this year's Waterfront Concert Series in Bangor. Now the series itself has received some major sponsorship.

'Darling's Auto Dealership' has purchased the naming rights to the new waterfront pavilion that's being built to host the concerts. Construction on that site started last fall. Contractors for the city have been moving dirt on the waterfront to create room for a bigger, more permanent stage.

The pavilion will also have a raised incline in the crowd which will allow people seated in the back to see performing artists better. Concert promoters say additional space will allow city residents to recreate freely on the waterfront even while the concert stage and much seating stays up in between shows.

"Our obligation to the city in previous contracts was to turn the site around as fast as we possibly could....so people could go back and use that part of the park," said Alex Gray, who is the president of Waterfront Concerts, "With the area where the lawn ends and the area where the city park per say that's there on the Waterfront starts...there's an area for people to walk their dogs and fly kites and do things that they've historically done."

Last year 17 acts came to perform on the Bangor Waterfront. So far Sting is set to perform there this year on June 20, 2013. Country music star Darius Rucker will take to the stage the very next day.