RSU 19 may consider shut down to deal with budget shortfall | News

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RSU 19 may consider shut down to deal with budget shortfall

NEWPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Newport and Etna's school district has been grappling with a massive budget shortfall for months. Now the superintendent of RSU 19 is recommending district schools be shut down to deal with the crisis.

RSU 19 went into this school year carrying the mutli-million dollar shortfall. Twice residents in the district's eight towns voted against taking out a loan to deal with it.

Superintendent Greg Potter now says spending cuts in the RSU cannot continue. He is planning to recommend that the district's eight schools be shut down for fifteen days from mid March to mid April. The superintendent says if that course of action was taken April vacation would be cancelled in RSU 19 and classes would continue in the district until July 3.

Potter says bills for the district have been adding up. Without a loan, he says he sees no other way to make those payments besides closing the schools down.

Voters in RSU 19 rejected taking out a $2.9 million loan to deal with the shortfall on January 16. Potter says he and other administrators will once again look to get that loan amount passed by district voters.