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U Maine students give back to local businesses

HOLDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A group of students from the University of Maine's business school spent their Sunday giving back to a local non-profit. Members of the group MBS Corps gave Aunt Nellie's Attic in Holden a facelift in hopes to boost sales.

Treasurer T.J. Caldwell with MBS Corps said, "We are taking the things that we learn about customer relations, about marketing, about product placement and we are applying it to the real world."

Fifteen volunteers rearranged the store and spruced up the layout. The MBS Corps helps local non-profits by offering guidance on the business end which also gives the Corps a chance to make a difference in the community.

Chris Treister with the group said, "A lot of people that go through this program the MBA program, the undergraduate program that just get into school take classes and then they get out. They don't really get involved, they don't really get engulfed in the community with the school. This has really allowed us to give back, through volunteer work."

Those involved with Aunt Nellie's appreciated the extra help. All the proceeds from the store benefit the Hammond Street Senior Center and makes a huge impact.

Aunt Nellie's Attic manager Kathy Clegg said, "A hundred percent of what we make here goes to the senior center. It pays their bills basically...I think it's phenomenal that they would give me a day out of their life."

The students said they were more than happy to take what they learned in the classroom and put it to good use.

Caldwell said, "These businesses enjoy it because they like getting involved with us kids. We enjoy helping them and actually applying the stuff we learned in the books to real life so it's definitely a win win."

Treister agreed, "You really got to get out there and experience it for yourself. So this has allowed us to do that, but at the same time help the community out."

Members of the MBS Corps plan on holding other events to give back to the community.For a list of upcoming events you can visit their website.