Mainers seek ways to handle frigid temps | News

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Mainers seek ways to handle frigid temps

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- As cold weather once again gripped the Pine Tree State on Thursday, many Mainers were finding ways to keep warm.

Tennis students were busy practicing their skills at 'Bangor Tennis' in Hampden. Many said they not only enjoy being inside on a cold day like this but they also enjoy how the game makes them warmer from all the hustling around.

People are also turning to tanning beds as a way to stay warm. Many businesses that offer tanning including 'Planet Fitness' in Bangor say more people have been signing up to get some sun and thaw out from the cold.

"It just makes you feel wonderful," reamarked Elena Hennessey as she went for her appointment, "like you can't get away but you kind of can."

Staff at the fitness center say people are also coming to tan to get ready for vacations to much warmer destinations.