Frigid temps bring second day of cold weather to Eastern Maine | News

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Frigid temps bring second day of cold weather to Eastern Maine

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- The cold weather is leaving its mark on many parts of the state, including parts of Eastern Maine.

Staff at the 'Bangor Area Homeless Shelter' say it has been full to capacity most nights. Workers have been trying to find ways to fit more beds into the building so they can get people in and out of the cold past sunset. At Penquis, a social services agency, workers have been scrambling as more families ask for emergency fuel assistance. This year the organization got about half a million dollars from the federal government for heating assistance. Yet directors say in this weather, the money is going fast.

"Last week we spent like $60,000," remarked Barbara Stone, who is the manager of heating assistance for Penquis, "just yesterday we spent $25,000 and I expect it to be the same or more today and tomorrow....cause of the temperatures being the way they are."

Directors at Eastern Area Agency on Aging say this cold weather can also be very hard on the elderly. Officials there say senior citizens should be setting their thermostats to at least 68 degrees, although they acknowledge not all of their clients can afford to do that.


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