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Old Town kids celebrate diversity

OLD TOWN, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Kids in Old Town spent Monday remembering the important work done by Martin Luther King, Jr. The words of the civil rights leader kicked off the annual 'Diversity Day.'

9-year old Chester Turner participated in the event and said, "We are celebrating Martin Luther King Day...He convinced everyone that black and white people can be together."

University of Maine students taught the elementary aged students the importance of equality, but they were surprised by how much the kids already knew.

Douglas Hill, 9-years old, said, "He was the person trying to break up segregation...Segregation is like the whites had to use other water fountains and the blacks had to use others."

Tyre Jones with University of Maine said, "Even the young kids are being aware of what's happening around them and what's happened in the past in their history. So I thought that was a plus."

11-year old Emma Hargraves said, "He did a lot for our country."

12- year old Sage Phillips agreed, "We are remembering him and all he did for us."

The students watched King's 'I have a dream speech' and discussed how things have changed since the civil rights movement.

They took part in team building exercises, heard from students about current issues, and worked on art projects to show what MLK day means to them.

Turner said, "Everyone is being treated good and the same way. That's important to me."

It has been 45 years since the civil rights leader died.