Orono Peace Group seeks action on Campaign Spending | News

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Orono Peace Group seeks action on Campaign Spending

ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A citizens group in Orono is taking a stand against the U.S Supreme Court decision that allows large corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections.

Ron Davis and the Orono Peace Group have asked the Orono Town Council to pass a resolution urging Congress and the states to amend the U.S. Constitution.

They want to overturn the Supreme Court's decision in "Citizens United v. the Federal Elections Commission."

The landmark 2010 case paved the way for Super-PAC's to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections.

The high court determined that if the government placed limits on what corporations could spend, it would violate their first amendment right to free speech.

But Davis feels that, as a result, the individual voter has been drowned out.

"The importance of their individual votes is being reduced by the huge amount of money and the influence that goes along with it by large corporations in particular," said Davis.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maine did agree that the Supreme Court ruling has harmed individual voters, but it does not think amending the constitution is the best way to fix the problem. The Orono Town Council will take up the resolution next Monday night at 7:00pm.