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Coats for Kids volunteer helps man get new winter coat

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- We all know the importance of the 'Coats and Toys for Kids' Campaign, but sometimes it helps us all understand a little better when we can put a human face to what is a very real need. That's why earlier this week we went down to the coat pick up room at the Salvation Army in Bangor where we met Dave Woodard and Katrina Ireland.  

Dave walked into the coat room wearing a jacket much too thin for a cold Maine November day, so Katrina Ireland, a volunteer at the Salvation Army, helped him pick out a new one. 

"What about this one?" she asked "Timberlake, that looks manly."  

 "It's good it works," answered Dave. "The old one was more or less a leather jacket it didn't keep you warm. You feel cold air into it."

For Katrina, there's a lot of satisfaction in helping Dave, especially since she knows what it's like to need help.  Last February,  she says she was let go from a job she had for 17 years.   

"I was working 60-80 hours a week supporting three kids, so it was devastating."

 So Katrina, who remains unemployed, also received some coats from the 'Coats and Toys for Kids' Program. Now she volunteers six days a week at the Salvation Army, sometimes in the soup kitchen and other times helping people find a coat.  Sometimes they're coats for kids, but sometimes for adults like Dave.