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Tips to try and prevent credit card fraud

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- With more people shopping in stores and online, we all need to be more vigilant of our debit and credit card statements.

John Michaud is an assistant professor in the school of legal studies at Husson University. He said people should check their accounts every couple of days to verify purchases. People can also purchase fraud alerts through their credit card companies and other businesses. If your card is missing, or there are purchases on your statement, you did not make, call your credit card company immediately.

"If you notify them immediately that your credit card has been lost you are not responsible for any purchases beyond that date. Now if purchases have already been made on a stolen credit card by law you can only be held liable for 50 dollars," Michaud said

Michaud offers this advice too, if you want to buy something online or over the phone and if you are not asked for the three digit number on the back of your card, you should think twice about buying something because that number serves as an identification number.