Crowds flock to Bangor to support small business | News

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Crowds flock to Bangor to support small business

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- With another Black Friday in the books, on Saturday local stores around Maine got their fill of holiday shoppers.  

It was 'Small Business Saturday' across the U.S. Many shoppers around Bangor headed downtown to show their support for Main Street. Several retailers we spoke to say they not only saw good business on Saturday but also on Black Friday as well.

In some cases, retailers say they doubled their sales compared to this same weekend last year. Many shoppers say they just enjoy 'thinking outside the box store' when it comes to getting gifts.

"I like to support local business," said Matt Spang as he shopped at 'Mexicali Blues' in Bangor, "I mean I've worked at a lot of local businesses... so I mean I want to have them around and not have them pushed out by the bigger stores."  

"Ya know when you go to a big department store, it's the same thing for everybody and everybody's seeing the same thing," said Eloise Ricciardelli as she browsed at 'Metropolitan Soul,' "well these stores are original and that's where I come."

Several retailers in Bangor say each year they get their biggest boost in business from the weekend after Thanksgiving through Christmas. They're hoping to draw a lot of shoppers next Saturday when the city has its 'Festival of Lights' parade downtown.