Bangor applies for grant to make Hogan Road pedestrian friendly | News

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Bangor applies for grant to make Hogan Road pedestrian friendly

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The incident of two sisters hit by a car while crossing Hogan Road in Bangor, leaving one in critical condition, has shed light on the areas less than pedestrian-friendly stretch of road. Prior to the accident, Bangor City officials began applying for a Transportation Enhancement grant to improve the area. into ways to make the area safer for pedestrians.

Bangor resident and walker Joan Robertson said, "It's terrible. People aren't paying attention half the time anyway people have one hand on the wheel and one on the cell phone or something distracting them."

The city would use the grant to add sidewalks and three crosswalks.

Katherine Hamilton with the nearby Quality Inn said those are necessary additions, "Crosswalks are definitely better for business. It makes it safer for customers which helps our revenue...We need to make it safe for them."

Hotel guests are forced to cross the busy intersection without a cross walk or walk signal.

Hamilton said, "People have come back and told me that it's really hazardous to cross the street there and that it takes them a long time to get back and forth...and traffic is moving very fast."

The construction to Hogan Road would cost nearly $170,000. For many, however, the price is worth it.

"We are a commerce town and there are a lot of people. When you put pedestrians and four lane roads you are going to have problems. There's going to be accidents," said Hamilton.

The Transportation Enhancement grants are designed to add sidewalks to areas in order to better serve pedestrians. There is no word as to when or if the city will get the grant.