Hermon Town Council reaches agreement with Hermon Ambulance | News

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Hermon Town Council reaches agreement with Hermon Ambulance

HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- After years of controversy Hermon's town council and the Volunteer Rescue and First Aid Squad has reached an agreement. The Hermon ambulance will service the town for another three years.

The deal makes the Hermon ambulance the "transporting ambulance" for the town.

Hermon Rescue Chief, Sherman Mason, pushed for the agreement to pass to allow residents to be better served in times of emergency, "We will have the Sheriff's department possibly responding, a fire truck possibly responding with first responders, and the ambulance responding. So if it's someone not breathing or someone mortally sick we will have a whole host of people. We will have basically an army show up."

The agreement also requires the Hermon Fire Department to get a first responders license which would mean firefighters could be covered by the town's insurance. Prior to the deal  firefighters were not able to physically treat a victim even if they had the training to do so.

Mason said, "They can actually help out. They can actually start first aid. They can start initial treatment. They know if they need more response than what we actually have coming."

The agreement was signed late last month.