Gratwick's win over Farnham caps tense race for Maine senate | News

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Gratwick's win over Farnham caps tense race for Maine senate

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Tuesday night election's brought another shift in power to Augusta as Maine Democrats picked up 91 seats in the state legislature.

In Bangor, Democrat Geoffrey Gratwick was elected to the Maine Senate after he defeated Republican incumbent Nichi Farnham. Results showed the Bangor city councilor defeated Farnham by more than 1,800 votes and got about 55 percent of the total.

The race for Maine's 32nd senate district was a highly contested one this year. It drew nearly a half million dollars in contributions. Much of that was used by outside groups to fund attack ads against Gratwick and Farnham.

Gratwick says he owes his win to the work of his campaign and is now looking to the future.

"I've certainly learned a great deal about what people think here in Bangor and Hermon," he said, "and I think I can represent them much better by having done that."

NEWS CENTER tired to contact Nichi Farnham to get her thoughts on the race on Wednesday but our calls went unreturned.

She did issue a statement Tuesday night online thanking her supporters.

A post on her campaign Facebook page read:

'I still care so much for the community we live in. I want to thank my friends and family for carrying themselves with dignity and helping me stay positive with my 'Running For You' campaign even as the tone of this race became less than desirable.'