Snowe congratulates King on Senate bid | News

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Snowe congratulates King on Senate bid

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Longtime and now outgoing Maine Senator Olympia Snowe made her presence known on Election Night.

Senator Snowe stopped by Kevin Raye's campaign headquarters in Bangor to lend her support to her longtime aid. Snowe also had thoughts to share about Angus King replacing her in the United States Senate.

She announced at the beginning of the year that she would not be seeking another term citing partisan gridlock in Washington as the reason. Snowe extended her congratulations to King on his win. She added she would also do whatever she can to help him build cooperation in Washington.

Angus King was declared the winner of Snowe's seat almost immediately after the polls closed.

"Hopefully he can corral others and like-minded approaches in the United States Senate to work together because that's what it's going to require," she said, "otherwise you can't get anything done....60 votes are necessary in the Senate to get anything done so you're going to have to build a basis for compromise and bipartisanship."

With King's election, Snowe is now preparing to end a 17 year run in the U.S. Senate. She says she plans to meet with him often over the coming months  to help make the transition a smooth one.