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The difference between a flood watch, and a flash flood watch

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- As rain continues to come down from the remnants of Hurricane Sandy, several counties in Maine are under a flood watch or flash flood watch.

Piscataquis County Sheriff's Office said as of 10 p.m., Elliotsville Road in Willimantic, Greenbridge Road, and Bates Road in Abbot, will probably be closed until Wednesday morning because of flooding.

NEWS CENTER Meteorologist Steve McKay said there is a difference between a flood watch and a flash flood watch. Steve said flood watches are issued when there is a prolonged period of rain and the ground is saturated with water vapor or is frozen and the rain has no place except into rivers or streams.

A flash flood means there is a lot of rain in a short amount of time that causes flooding. During a flash flood Steve said it is important to stay away from roads that are flooded.

"Flash flooding is dangerous because it's the flash flooding that will take out part of a road and with the water still going over the road, if you try to go over it you don't realize that the road's not there, and that's when people can get in real trouble," Steve McKay said.

Another tip Steve has is make sure to try and keep storm drains clear of leaves and other debris to allow the water to get into the sewer, but Steve is forecasting that by the end of the week we should begin to dry out and decrease the chance of any sort of flooding.