Local Red Cross lends a hand to Sandy relief | News

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Local Red Cross lends a hand to Sandy relief

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Bangor and surrounding areas lucked out as far as damage from Hurricane Sandy. The major problem facing residents is power outages that Bangor Hydro estimate to fix by tomorrow. The local Red Cross did prep for the worst case scenario, but the low damage will allow volunteers to be dispatched.

Executive Director Todd Nadeau of the Pine Tree chapter said, "It's certainly a relief to the Maine Red Cross, but no means are we in a position to stand down. That just means we don't have to deploy our volunteers nor do we have to rely on the assets National Headquarters to deploy to Maine. We do however have to deploy to the areas effected."

Tuesday morning the Pine Tree chapter in Bangor dispatched at least seventeen volunteers to the affected areas in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

The crews will be split into teams and work together during the two week deployment. Volunteers will be managing between three to four emergency shelters in the disaster relief areas offering medical supplies and ready made meals.

Nadeau said, "The volunteers love it, they love to deploy.They are pretty disappointed if they are not able to deploy."

Readiness Manager Rob Eaton with the Pine Tree Chapter said, "We call them and expect them to get in a car for a two week period of time in twenty-four hours from when we call them. It's really quite amazing that they are like 'Oh Boy! You're calling me.' They actually get great pleasure from going to provide these services for people in their time of need."

A disaster relief mission of this scale can be costly. If you'd like to make a donation to help the cause they can be made a few ways. Donations are accepted online, by mail or by texting RED CROSS to 90999.

The Pine Tree chapter expects another round of volunteers to be dispatched in the next few days as conditions worsen. In the end, they estimate about fifty volunteers will participate in one of the two week stints.