Travel woes continue for many in wake of Sandy | News

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Travel woes continue for many in wake of Sandy

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- For the second straight day this week, the superstorm 'Sandy' made her mark on people looking to travel to and from the Bangor area.

'Greyhound Bus Lines' did not run any of their routes to the Queen City on Tuesday. Typically customers can get on one of three buses to Boston from Bangor daily. On Tuesday those routes were cancelled due to problems that Greyhound is having in New York.

On another travel front, nearly all flights to and from Bangor were cancelled at Bangor International Airport. The hurricane left major airports on the east coast like Laguardia and Philadelphia International reeling and airlines cancelling thousands of flights.

Officials at B.I.A. say at this point, it is hard to say when air traffic in the northeast will fully bounce back.

"It could be some time before the airlines truly recover from this," said airport director Tony Caruso, "and it might be sort of a trickle down affect. We might see less cancellations rather than a full schedule up at once."

Those traveling by air this week are encouraged to check frequently with their carriers on the status of their flights. Bus travel to Boston on Greyhound is expected to resume on Wednesday.