Brewer voters to decide on fireworks law | News

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Brewer voters to decide on fireworks law

BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Voters in Brewer will have a big question to consider on election day: do they want to limit the use of fireworks in the city?

Currently fireworks can be sold and set off in all parts of Brewer. If passed, a new ordinance would only allow people to use them in the outskirts of the city. Those areas fall on the east side Day and Lambert Roads on one end of Brewer and past Elm Street and Green Point Road on the other.

Fireworks would also be allowed beyond Felts Brook in the city's 'black powder' zone. All three areas are currently used for hunting and firearm discharge.

City leaders say they decided to put the ordinance out to voters after some residents complained about certain fireworks being set off. Even if the ordinance passes, fireworks could still be sold in all parts of Brewer.