Students learn about the importance of respect | News

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Students learn about the importance of respect

HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Sophomores at Hermon High School had a different type of school day Tuesday as they got together to learn about the importance of respect.

This is the 11th year that Hermon High School has participated in "Challenge Day."

Teacher Shelley Gavett said it teaches the students about the importance of treating everyone with respect, and about the power words have.

Gavett said the students spend a lot of time in small groups talking with other students about some of the issues they are facing. Gavett hopes the students take the lessons they learned Tuesday to make their school a better place.

"I hope that they will realize that they can, they have the power to create a school that is very positive, and supportive, hopefully they'll look back on challenge day and say it was a great day," Gavett said.

Gavett said Hermon High has targeted 10th graders for the event because she thinks that is an age when she thinks students are mature enough to understand what is at stake.