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Self publishing giving authors new hope

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- As a writer, your dream is to one day walk into a book store and see a copy of your work on the shelf. For so many starting out in the business though it's let down after let down. But today at the Bangor Public Library some authors were given new hope that their books might actually see the light of day.

As part of this years Bangor Book Festival, Maine Authors Publishing and Cooperative and Custom Museum Publishing Inc. sponsored a workshop at the Bangor Public Library to discuss the idea of self publishing. The idea that authors are able to print, market and distribute their own books through organizations that want to assist them in getting their work seen. According to Maine Authors Publishing President, Jane Karker, self publishing has grown significantly in the last few years. "Two or three years ago self publishing just boomed and we had people coming in our door with this need manuscript in hand," says Karker.

According to Karker Independent writers now have a whole new way of getting their books out there to the public that before Self Publishing was next to impossible. That change was due in part because of changing printing technology that makes printing and self publishing more affordable.

The Bangor Book Festival will be happening all weekend. To find a full scheduled of events you can visit their website