Fireworks sales fizzle down following summer demand | News

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Fireworks sales fizzle down following summer demand

OLD TOWN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- This past summer marked the first one in Maine in which the sale and use of consumer fireworks was legal. By all accounts business was booming then for many new fireworks stores that opened up across the state. Yet now that the cold weather is upon us, it is a much different story for those shops.

Both individual and chain fireworks stores across Maine are now going into 'winter mode' as the sale of consumer fireworks has gone down.  

'Pyro City' has five store locations around the state. Staff at their Ellsworth location say that they are already planning to reduce the number of days they're open over the next few weeks. Back around the Fourth of July holiday stores like Pyro City were making hundreds of sales each day. Now they are only doing dozens of transactions over the course of each week.

Smaller stores like 'Short Fuse Fireworks' in Old Town are also planning to cut back on hours. The store staff has also cut prices on merchandise to get ready for the winter season.

"We couldn't run full tilt year round and we couldn't afford that," said store vice president William Sewall, "We can't keep the same hours seven days a week, 11 hours a day...the income's just not coming into support that, so we have to adjust accordingly."

In spite of the sales drop, people are still buying fireworks for family occasions such as birthday parties and weddings. Fireworks retailers say while the summer is long off they are hoping to do a good deal of business when its time to celebrate the new year.