'Price is Right' leaves ticket holders unhappy | News

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'Price is Right' leaves ticket holders unhappy

ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Hundreds of people who turned out to see a popular game show at the University of Maine Wednesday night got turned away at the door. The Collins Center for the Arts had to cancel an on-stage version of the 'Price is Right.'

The traveling 'Price is Right' is separate from the TV game show. It tours venues around the country and gives people the opportunity to compete for prizes. About 1,100 people came out for the show last night. The stage was set, but at the last minute both promoters and the Collins Center decided not to go forward. 

Officials at the center say the reason is because they did not post a legal disclaimer on their website indicating that people could compete on the show without buying a ticket. Several people registered to wait outside the Collins Center. They would have been called in to compete in the event that paying ticket holders who were called down did not show up.

Several people who came out for the event and waited in line before knowing it was cancelled say they were disappointed.

"If they had announced it sooner to people...so that when people were leaving as other people showed up...there would have been no line and people would have been like 'What's going on?' " said Joel Martin, who came out for the show with his wife and family, "They would have gotten the idea like 'Hey...this might have been cancelled.' It should have been something that was caught sooner...not wait until the very last second."

The Collins Center is working to refund everyone's money for the event. Staff there said they were aiming to do that by the end of the day on Thursday.