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NESCOM students learn to create video games in seconds

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The video game industry brings in over ten billion a year and increases in popularity every year. Monday students at New England's school of Communication learned how to take what would normally be several weeks to create a game and boil it down to seconds.

John McKim with NESCOM's Web Media studies said "You would take three weeks to do what this guy did in three seconds. It was amazing and that just shows you how advanced technology has come."

The president of Ubiquitous Entertainment Incorporated (UEI), a Japanese software company created a video game in only forty-eight seconds.

The gaming company offers free gaming camps to promote their program ENCHANT. Users can easily put together video games to be used online or on mobile devices. The best part is the website is free.

Technical Evangelist, Brandon McInnis, with UEI said, "We hope that the students have taken away with them from this lecture...the power of games and how they can benefit society as a whole."

The software company uses video games as a way to raise awareness of Fukushima and encourage more people to visit the region.

"We hosted a gaming program in Fukushima by the reactors and we had geiger counters trying to show everyone that it's safe," said McInnis.

















To learn how to create your own video game check out the website.