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Police reports now available online in Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--If someone tosses rolls of toilet paper in the trees in front of your house or does some other minor type of crime, Bangor Police are now asking you to fill out an online form instead of tying up a patrol officer for that time.

Bangor Police Sergeant Paul Edwards says the department has a new web based reporting system that will allow the people to file complaints electronically. The online forms will be for things like minor theft, criminal mischief, vandalism and harassing or annoying phone calls over the internet.

The incidents can only be reported online if there is no evidence to be collected, there are no suspects and the incident happened within the city limits of Bangor. The goal is to free up more time for officers to handle more pressing matters. Edwards says they expect the service will also help the department track crimes that might not always get reported when people are in a hurry.

Edwards says, It gives us the opportunity to find out where crime is happening and those sorts of crimes are and at the same time if an insurance company wants a report and there was no evidence left behind, no suspect info, nothing that can be processed but it's still a crime, you can go ahead and file it online. It will still go in the computer database and you can have the peace of mind that you can go to work and be on time and file it at your leisure."

Edwards says the measure is to help make the department more efficient. The new police report web page is listed on the Bangor Police page which is found in the city of Bangor's page or you can click this link below.