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Finding peace with art

BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Brewer High School students had a chance to do something something a little different at school on Friday and got a chance to find their inner peaceful side.

Students made pinwheels for peace and then put them on display outside of the high school. Brewer Art Teacher Lori Spruce said the pinwheels that students made for pinwheels for peace, takes a Japanese design concept that deals with negative and positive energy similar to yin and yang, and Brewer students were not the only ones who did made these kinds of pinwheels.

"It's done nationally, even internationally so it's kind of exciting to think that there's pinwheels spinning all over the place at the same time or thereabouts anyways within the same 24 hour period," Spruce said.

Spruce says the pinwheels will be on display at the outside the high school until 8 o'clock Friday night.