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Day two: Trial for man accused of killing 3-month-old

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A judge's trial of a Bangor man charged in the death of his 3-month-old son continued into day two Wednesday morning. 

Dustin Brown was 18 when his son died nearly three years ago. Bangor police said they responded to the home for a baby who was not breathing back on Nov. 25, 2012. The infant was taken the hospital, where he later died. Brown told police the baby went limp during a feeding, but an autopsy indicates the infant, Xander Brown, died from trauma.

The prosecution had said in day one of the trial that Brown's son, Xander, was born prematurely but did not have any medical issues when he was brought home. They also said witness heard a thud from the bedroom where Brown and the baby were in. After that, they could not hear the baby cry. The prosecution then describes Brown coming out of the bedroom with Xander limp in his arms.

Brown told the infant's mother that when he went to burp the child, his head hit Brown's chin and he jerked him. Prosecution said, "Dustin Brown was left alone with Xander, and that's when he acted negligently."

On the first day of trial. the state called Alaina Cain, the mother of Xander, to the stand. Cain said the two met at Bangor's adult education, she was 14 at the time. Cain told the judge that she became pregnant with Dustin's child when she was 15 years old. On the stand, Cain said while their son Xander was in the hospital, Brown visited "maybe once." The prosecution presented a picture of baby Xander to the courtroom, but there was no emotion from the child's mother or father. 

The second day of trial began with the prosecution calling their first witness Alexis Veilleux, Brown's ex-wife to the stand. Veilleux said they [Brown and herself] were friends prior but reconnected after the baby's death. She says at first, Brown didn't like to talk about Xander, but as they became closer, he became more willing.

As the state's first witness, Brent Beaulieu, a detective with the Bangor Police was called to the stand. Beaulieu went to EMMC to interview family members the day Xander died. He stated Brown seemed down and depressed when meeting with him. However, Beaulieu testified saying Brown wasn't crying during the interview, but that Cain, the baby's mother was clearly upset and had been crying. Beaulieu said Cain's demeanor changed the following day after their initial interview. He said she came off defensive and terminated contact after Beaulieu didn't think he was getting full story. 

A former medical examiner also took the stand Wednesday. Doctor Margaret Greenwald said the infant died from a traumatic brain injury. During the autopsy, Greenwald saw small subdural clots on the three-month-old's brain. Greenwald said those clots form when the head is moved rapidly by either being shaken or by impact.


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