Maine's 38th meth lab this year found in Brewer | News

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Maine's 38th meth lab this year found in Brewer

BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - State police say a meth lab was discovered in a Brewer hotel Thursday. MDEA agents say 30-year-old Erica Hodgdon has been charged with unlawful trafficking in methamphetamine.

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency responded Thursday to a methamphetamine-related incident at the Vacationland Inn on Wilson St. in Brewer.

Officials say the motel's cleaning staff made the discovery Thursday morning inside one of the motel's rooms.

The MDEA meth lab team responded at mid afternoon and confirmed the finding of an active meth lab.

Steve McCausland, Maine Public Safety Spokesperson, said the woman who had rented the room was arrested earlier by Brewer police on an unrelated charge.

MDEA is expected to level meth related charges against her, as soon as Friday, said McCausland.

McCausland added the hotel guests were evacuated for most of the afternoon.

McCausland said the bust set a record. Last year there were 37 meth lab incidents responded to by MDEA, which was a record at the time.