Lincoln area gets hit hard by storm | News

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Lincoln area gets hit hard by storm

LINCOLN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Southern Maine got the early brunt, Eastern Maine was up next on the rainstorm parade.

The storm caused issues for commuters throughout the day on Wednesday. The entrance to WalMart on West Broadway in Lincoln resembled a small river rather than an entranceway. There was at least a foot of water causing difficulty for drivers to make their way through.

Officials were asking drivers to be safe. Concerns were high that speeding might cause hydroplaning. Police say even in six inches of water, a person's car can be pulled off the road or worse. "A lot of people don't think of their speed when they are driving home. People that are traveling towards you as well, and they probably are thinking the same thing. Everybody needs to be paying attention to the road ways and the water that is collecting on the road. It's easy for a vehicle to hydroplane or god forbid get in a head-on crash," said Lincoln Police Chief, Daniel Summers.

The flooding affects many businesses in town, especially one on West Broadway Whitney's Outfitters closed up early due to flooding. The business has only been open for four days, and they already need to contact their insurance company.

There were 24 inches of water in the basement by early Wednesday afternoon. Owner Alan Whitney said he checked the basement every hour for water damage, but just before 11 am, there was a tripped breaker, and that's when he noticed the water flooding in.

According to Whitney, the West Broadway project to widen the street and the culvert not being big enough to handle the amount of water caused his business to flood. As for the damage, he said there is substantial damage to five snowmobiles, and the two furnaces are no longer usable.