Bangor International breaks summer passenger records | News

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Bangor International breaks summer passenger records

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Bangor International Airport is setting a new passenger record.

This summer has been their busiest ever, even though overall traveler numbers in 2015 are slightly down.

The airport exceeded its average monthly passenger count by thousands of people in June, July and August this year.

Airport Director Tony Caruso says there are more people from out of town flying into Bangor from out of the area and more locals flying out too.

He thinks the uptick, along with the multi-million dollar upgrade to the airport's domestic terminal, could help the airport attract other airlines and offer more routes to more airports in the future.

Caruso also says passengers travelling from can already fly to many different destinations through major hubs.

"It's all about access, and I think, what we're offering the Bangor region is access to almost anywhere in the world," he said.

Some local flyers still would like to see more from the airport. Julia Grant lives in Belfast and says she sometimes flies out of Portland, two and a half hours away because there aren't enough flights to the places she wants to go from Bangor.

She hopes the terminal upgrades and increase in passenger traffic will make the airport a better place to fly through. She hopes the improvements result in more direct flights to places like her hometown of Atlanta.

"Maybe some places a little further out west, places that are already reachable because we know they go to Detroit, we know they go to Philadelphia," she said.

The airport could also break its overall passenger record again this year. Caruso isn't sure if it will happen but says airport staff remains optimistic, especially because the holiday travel season is still ahead.