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“Biggest Mover” Challenge at Bangor YMCA

BANGOR, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- The Bangor YMCA is offering two programs this fall, in an effort to motivate people to get back on track at the gym.

The "Biggest Mover Goes to Camp" program is at Branch Lake in Ellsworth. It's a 4-day camping adventure at Camp Jordan with a focus on finding a healthy balance in life. There will be certified personal trainers and nutritionists there to assist in providing information on healthy habits. Some of the activities will include hiking, yoga and canoeing along with rest and recovery events. All your meals are included in this camping adventure and will be prepared by a nutritionist. This 4-day event is from Sunday, September 27th to Thursday, October 1st.

The other program coming back this fall is the "Biggest Mover,” which is a 10-week program. Maria Robshaw said she stepped into the gym twice a week for 8-weeks with her team members and trainer to increase her endurance and flexibility. And in the final 2 weeks, Robshaw and her teammates learn how to implement their new techniques into their individual workouts.

“We even got to together for workouts on top of the workouts with the trainer, but we all were dedicated and we wanted to make sure we were the number one team. And eventually we did become the number one team,” said Robshaw.

The program includes pre-program measurements, percentage of body fat measurements, baseline measurements like muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular endurance. After the initial assessment, trainers will put you into teams and together you’ll work on shedding the pounding and gaining endurance and strength. To register visit the Bangor YMCA before September 18th. This program will start on October 5th and go through December 11th.