Grand opening of Bat Condos in Bangor | News

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Grand opening of Bat Condos in Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On Tuesday, the grand opening for two bat condominiums on the lands of the West Penjajawoc Grasslands in Bangor took place.

The condos will provide shelter for thousands of bats, which have been having a tough time due to habitat loss, wind farms and white nose syndrome which has killed more than five million bats since 2006 and spread to Maine in 2011.

Each condo can accommodate around 2,000 young bats, with optimal living conditions for maternity colonies. They'll most likely attract Big brown bats or little Brown Bats.

"These bat condos are specifically made in a design that captures all the suns heat and they're painted black to get extra warmth and that gives absolutely optimal conditions for them to raise their young," said Katelin Craven, a Bat Biologist and the Chair of the Programs Committee at the Bangor Land Trust.

According to Craven, these bats can eat up to their own body weight in insects each night, which can save about four billion dollars, in the use of pesticides, and can help out crops, as well as keeping down insect born diseases.