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Pet food pantry in need of more pet food

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Eastern Area Agency on Aging has a pet food pantry for low income seniors who have pets, but it is running out of pet food.

Director of Communications Carol Higgins-Taylor said there is a limited supply of pet food and it needs donations from the public. The pet food pantry is designed to help low income seniors feed their pets. The pantry wants to get more donations so it can keep helping seniors feed their pets.

"If a senior is very low income because the cost of everything else is rising, the last thing that we want is for them to have to surrender that animal to a shelter. It's heartbreaking for them. So we wanna make sure that they have enough that they can at least supplement the meals for the pets," Higgins-Taylor said.

People can donate pet food or cash at Eastern Area Agency on Aging. It is located at 450 Essex St. in Bangor.


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