Neighbors of Edinburg man struggle to understand police shooting | News

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Neighbors of Edinburg man struggle to understand police shooting

EDINBURG, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- As the Maine attorney general's office begins its investigation of a police-involved shooting  in Edinburg Tuesday night, some neighbors of the man who was shot say they have a hard time understanding why authorities used deadly force.

54-year-old Warren Dome was shot by a Maine state trooper at his home on Edinburg Road after Dome allegedly approached the officer with a knife. Yet a neighbor says her boyfriend claimed he was with Dome just seconds before police shot him.

Mandy Southard says her boyfriend and a roommate found Warren Dome at the end of his driveway Tuesday evening. A gas can had been set on fire in the middle of the road.

Officials with the Maine State Police say they responded to the scene after Dome allegedly made a 911 call in which he was making suicidal and homicidal threats.

Southard says her boyfriend claimed he was able to talk Dome down. He then left him in his garage after state police arrived on the scene and asked he and his roommate to leave.

Seconds later the shots rang out.

"It sounded like a big gun going off and it wasn't even half a second later another shot," Southard said, "and I was like what's going on and I stood up."My boyfriend pulled into the yard and I asked 'what happened' and he said 'he shot him,'...'they shot him and I said 'shot who' and they said 'Warren." Southard said she outside of her home a few houses down from Dome's when the shots were fired.

Warren Dome was taken by Life Flight helicopter to Eastern Maine Medical Center. As of late Tuesday night, authorities said he was in serious yet stable condition. The Maine Attorney Generals Office says at this point, there is no telling how long its investigation will take.