Families and friends friends wait for answers on triple homicide | News

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Families and friends friends wait for answers on triple homicide

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Attorney General's Office has elevated Monday's car fire from suspicious to a triple homicide. Although the identities will not be released for another two or three days some Bangor residents think they know who two victims were.

Ashley Brewster, is waiting to find out something she already believes that her childhood friend, Nicolle Lugdon was in the car. "It's the worst thing ever...She was like a big kid always wanted to have fun," remembers Brewster.

Brewster first heard news of the car fire Monday while at the park. It was there she overheard a man talking on the phone, "He was talking about some car that blew up...and he mentioned Nikki's name and I looked over at him and said I know her."

A resident on Bolling Drive told NEWS CENTER that Lugdon, Daniel Borders and two other individuals left the apartment around 12:30 Monday morning in a white Pontiac sedan. Three hours later the fire department rushed to the call of a car fire on Target Industrial Circle.

"They left and were only supposed to be gone five minutes and they kept calling, but they weren't answering their phones. Come three o'clock in the morning they still weren't back yet," described Brewster.

Brewster is one of many friends and family members waiting for answers.

Authorities have not confirmed any identities nor the cause of deaths.