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Man pulled over for driving an old sheriff car

BRADLEY, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- It seems like everyone stops and stares when they see a classic car driving on the road. One man's antique auto also caught the eye of Maine State Police.

Scott Cram likes his cars and he enjoys taking them to different car shows. Two of the cars Cram owns are replicas from a popular TV show, The Dukes of Hazzard.

"Watched them on TV when I was a kid. I actually liked the charger so I purchased the charger," Cram said. "When I bought the charger I didn't know I was gonna make it into a replica car, but I did."

Cram also owns a replica sheriff car from the Dukes of Hazzard. Cram likes to take these cars to different car show and said he is surprised by the number of people who want to have their pictures taken next to them.

"People remember it watching the show when they was younger. Even the kids, you know little kids today even know what it's all about," Cram said.

Last week Cram took the sheriff car to get some gas. When he was driving the car near his home in Bradley he was pulled over by a state police officer.

"He was asking me some questions about the car. He read the rules and regulations of a car like mine that we shouldn't be driving it on the road and thought that somebody could impersonate an officer," Cram said.

Lt. Col. with Maine State Police Raymond Bessette said the state trooper who pulled Cram over was correct in doing so, and thinks the trooper who pulled him over did it more as a way to inform Cram about the rules of having a car with a siren on it.

Cram said the officer let him go with a warning and he will cover the lights and possibly cover the sheriff decals so he can drive it to and from car shows.

"I really like to drive it to the car shows, I don't wanna tow it. It kind of defeats my purpose to what I've been trying to do with the two cars," Cram said.

Cram said the next time he want to take his sheriff car out he will make sure the local authorities do not pull him over.

For more information on what cars can and cannot have sirens on them, you can click this link for more information: