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Medical records? There is an app for that

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Eastern Maine Medical Center is breaking down the walls between primary and emergency care.

Patients' medical records are available with the click of a mouse or a tap on an iPad to ensure up to the minute information.

Nurse Care Manager, Erin Horne, with EMMC said, " It gives us the most up to date information no matter where they are going. Whether they are seeing specialists, going to the hospital or if they are coming here to see their provider."

The Bangor hospital has been named one of the top wired hospitals in the country according to Hospitals and Health Networks magazine.

The hospital is wired with its six primary care facilities along with other hospitals statewide.

"If they go to the hospital that information is updated instantaneously again so we can make sure we have the most recent information for the patient," said Horne.

Longtime patient of EMMC, Sonya Michaud, experienced the instant updates during her last visit to the emergency room, "They had access to my records because we are all connected that they didn't have to wait to get certain results. They were able to just log in and see what I recently had done."

Horne said all physicians are required to update a patient's file immediately after administering any medicine or test. This is in effort to cut down on overmedicating, double testing and preventing medical mistakes.

Acadia Hospital made the magazine's Most Wired Hospital list as well.