Feral cats causing problems for a Veazie community | News

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Feral cats causing problems for a Veazie community

VEAZIE, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--  A colony of feral cats have apparently overrun one Veazie neighborhood, and sparked some controversy about what will happen to them once they are caught.

Veazie Animal Control Officer Joseph Murphy said there could be as many as 30 feral cats in and around Hobson Avenue in Veazie.

He is been setting traps to catch the cats and then taking them to the Bangor Humane Society. The humane society said when a cat is brought in it will evaluate the cat to determine if it is a stray or a feral cat.

If it is a feral cat the humane society will give the cats to Forgotten Felines.

That organization will then spay or neuter the animals, vaccinate them, and then try to rehabilitate them.
Forgotten Felines said as a last resort, some of the feral cats may be euthanized, but typically about 70 percent are rehabilitated.

"If everybody is at capacity, if resources are depleted then unfortunately then sometimes yes feral cats do have to be euthanized if we don't have an option for them," Bangor Humane Society Public Relations Manager Stacey Coventry said.

Veazie Animal Control Officer Joseph Murphy is asking for anyone who has a pet that lives near Hobson Avenue to put a collar on their pet in case they go into one of the traps. If a collared animal goes into one of Murphy's traps he said he will release it to the owner.