'Where's Waldo' campaign supports Downtown Bangor businesses | News

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'Where's Waldo' campaign supports Downtown Bangor businesses

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)  -- If you've noticed a familiar face wearing glasses and dressed in red and white peeking out of storefronts downtown Bangor, it's not a fluke.

Waldo is invading local businesses as part of a national celebration of the beloved childhood character. He's turning 25 this year and 250 independent bookstores across the country are celebrating the occasion - including the Briar Patch on Central Street - with a real-life "where's Waldo" hunt.

There are 20 figurines hidden in 20 stores downtown and if you find at least eight of them, you'll win a prize at the Briar Patch.

Organizer Gibran Graham says it's also a way for people to visit stores they otherwise might not know about. "I'm very big on, you know, coming downtown and really engaging the community down here," he says, "I think it's a wonderful promotion to get people to go into places they've never gone into before."

The hunt for the 20 Waldos ends on July 31st with a drawing for prizes at the Briar Patch - but you can only be entered if you have found at least 16 Waldos.